Choose your box, then choose your plan. 

Discounts available for multi-box purchases!


The Happy Plants! Box

Before you even hear the tap-tap-tap of the delivery person at your door, you notice your houseplants are rustling a bit. Is there a breeze blowing through your living room? Is your A/C blowing on them? Wait - ghosts?!? Nope! They're just happy to see their favorite box arriving on your porch! You find packages of beautiful soils, plant care products, fertilizers, and occasional plant-themed home goods, bags, and accessories! FINALLY, a subscription box that shows your plants how much you care!

The HEFTY Plant! Box

For incredible value, check out the HEFTY Plant! Box. It arrives every three months with a large selection (or larger packages) of our potting mixes and many of the following: plant care products, fertilizers, tools, and fun plant-themed items for you! We include jewelry, fridge magnets, stationery, bags, and other great houseplant-themed gear. Contents vary based on season, so you'll have tools and information to help your plants through seasonal change!

The Dirt Box!

Once our customers try Oh Happy Dirt they usually want to re-pot ALL of their plants! This box will give you a great price on our gorgeous soil blends and an auto-reminder to re-pot a few plants. Each box contains up to 4 gallons of specialty soils and ships every other month. We're thoughtful about the combo, providing larger packages for plants that usually come in larger sizes (dracaenas, monsteras) and smaller packages for plants that usually stay in smaller pots (ferns, succulents). Give your plants their forever home with Oh Happy Dirt!

Let us know if you need something specific in your next box! 

If you're dealing with a fungus gnat infestation and would love to see gnat traps in your next box, or if you just got a new plant that really needs a certain type of dirt, just reach out and we'll do our best to make it happen :)