because houseplant care should be easy

Yes, I want happy plants! My friend needs this!

Here's how it works

1. Choose box

2. Choose plan

3. Enjoy

We know that houseplant care is easy

and we're here to show you how! 

This box is chock full of products that are designed to be simple to use

They're unlike anything on the market, because they're designed for your individual plant!  We design our potting blends to mimic your plant's native habitat. Each blend has a specific set of ingredients to match the structure, aeration/drainage, and foods that your plant requires. 

Sound complex? It is - but only for us! We do all the research and testing, creating products that are SUPER easy for you to use!

For information on our blends, we create  video tutorials available on the free OHP Member Community. We'll put out information on every single box so you know exactly how to use the products you receive. We want your plants to flourish!

Ready to give your plant babies the best products on the market?

Grow your green thumb with Oh Happy Plants!


What's in the box?

Each month you'll receive a selection of specialty potting blends, soil additions, plant care tools and products, and plant-themed home goods and accessories. 

Because houseplant care changes with the seasons, so does your box!

Oh Happy Plants offers three boxes for your baby plants:

The Happy Plant! Box arrives monthly and will contain several packages of potting media and a few of the following: plant care products, tools, and fun plant-y things for you to enjoy. Depending on contents, the retail value of this box is $65 to $80 - all for $57 shipped to you!

The HEFTY Plant! Box arrives every three months with a large selection (or larger packages) of our potting mixes and many of the following: plant care products, tools, and fun plant-themed items for you! Depending on contents, the retail value of this box is $135 to $160 - all for $97 shipped to you!

The Dirt! Box is simply that: Dirt! Receive an ever-changing selection of our fabulous potting blends, in one generous 8-quart package or two varieties in 4-quart packages. The retail value of this box is $72 - for the low price of $37 shipped to you! This subscription can be set to monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs. 


Oh Happy Plants is built on 23 years of houseplant care experience and professional houseplant experience, so you're getting thoughtfully designed products and adaptive plant care information unlike anything else. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, because your plants are your babies!

Naturally, we care about environmental and humanitarian impact. We do our best to source products that are local and sustainably produced. We use a carbon-neutral shipping provider, we avoid plastic at all costs, and we steer clear of exploitative labor practices. 

When you subscribe to Oh Happy Plants it means you're supporting a small, woman-owned business that works to make the world a better, greener place. 

You're pretty awesome - thanks :)